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Providing repair & restoration service for instruments in all price ranges, from rare, vintage instruments to student model Sitar, Sarod, Tanpura, Surbahar, Veena, Harmonium, Tabla and all Indian Classical Musical Instruments as well as western musical instruments

Providing basic repairs and routine maintenance as well as extensive restorations on instruments and their attachments/accessories. We welcome you to visit the RIKHI RAM Repair & Restoration Shop in Queens, NY. You may also arrange to send your instrument or their attachments to us for repair and restoration service.

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If you still would like to speak to someone about your repair needs, we will gladly answer your instrument questions, assess and schedule any necessary repairs, and perform tonal adjustments. Stop in or contact us for an appointment: 415-535-7400 or info@rikhiramusa.comalternatively you can connect with us via form